100% Australia Owned & Laid


All Free Range
No Egg-ceptions!

Every single egg laid for your plate is from hens that are free to range, and we’re proud to say that we do not operate any cage facilities. You can rest assured knowing that when you choose Valley Park Farm eggs, you’re purchasing eggs that are Free Range By Nature ®

Our commitment to the health and welfare of our birds ensures a great egg for your plate.
We know our hens are the boss. Our role is simply to meet their needs, enabling them to produce a wholesome and nutritious egg.

All Local,
All Free Range,
Always Fresh

Life of a Valley Park Farm Hen

Hen welfare is the top priority at Valley Park Farm.
Every decision we make in the farming process, from hiring staff, to setting
up our sheds & sourcing premium feed, is based on the welfare of our
chooks first and foremost. Everything else follows on from that.

You can find our family owned farms in Victoria by using this button.

Our family owned farms make a great home for
Australian Hens

All of our barns have state of the art technology at work to ensure comfortable conditions for our hens. Weather permitting, each morning the barn doors are opened, allowing the hens to go outside in the fresh air.

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Valley Park Farm is a locally owned Australian Free Range Egg Producer. Our first farm was established in the heart of one of Australia’s most productive farming lands, the Goulburn Valley.
Phone: 1800 602 773

100% Australian Owned & Laid