Free Range by Nature®
Do you ever wonder where the eggs on your family’s plates come from?

Every single egg produced for your plate at Valley Park Farm is from hens that are free to range. No egg-ceptions! At Valley Park Farm our hens are free to forage and scrounge around, allowing them to produce a great free range egg for your plate.

Ingredients: Free Range Eggs from hens that know how to make your breakfast egg-xemplary.

At Valley Park Farm we let our happy hens get on with what they do best.

Next time your big kids ask “where do eggs come from?” think of the hens who make them for you, and make the best choice possible by loading your shopping basket with Valley Park Farm Free Range Eggs.

Our Heritage

Buy fresh Free Range Eggs, from an Australian owned company.
Valley Park Farm is a locally owned Victorian business. Our first farm was established in the heart of one of Australia’s most productive farming lands, the Goulburn Valley. Our three original sites are bordered by the Goulburn River on one side and Great Dividing Range on the other.
Valley Park Farm farmers regularly awaken to a sunrise revealing a hovering mist blanketing the rich farming area. It’s a truly picturesque landscape for our farmers to raise their families, our hens, and produce your eggs.
Expansion in 2012 saw the addition of a farm nestled amongst the rolling hills of the Strathbogie Ranges. An abundant fresh water natural spring carries life and nourishment to our free range hens, where our farm began free range egg production in 2013.
Close to the stone fruit growing region of Shepparton Victoria Valley Park Farm starts to develop from mid-2016 new start of art free range properties at Murchison a great location to supply fresh eggs to both the Victorian and NSW markets.

Our Philosophy

All Local, All Free To Range.
Our role is simply to meet our hen’s needs, enabling them to produce a wholesome and nutritious egg. As a free range egg producer, we are committed to the health and welfare of our hens.
At Valley Park Farm, we made the decision to farm free range, very early on.
The philosophy to produce free range eggs informs the entire process at each of our family owned farms. This includes extremely high standards when hiring and training staff, right through to investing in the latest technology to ensure our hens are well looked after.
The result? Hens that are free to scratch around, roam free as they please, and customers that go out of their way to find our eggs in their local Coles supermarket. That’s the Valley Park Farm philosophy in an eggshell – Free Range by Nature®.
What sets us apart from other free range egg producers?
Our proudest achievement: we have made the choice to farm cage free. All our eggs are laid 100% cage free, 100% of the time. At Valley Park Farm we do not do cages, and that’s how we’ll stay. That’s our choice, our commitment to you, and our commitment to the future.

Community Involvement

At Valley Park Farm we go out of our way to support the local community. We believe that any business, no matter how large or small, has an important role to play in supporting members of the community in need. We also strive to build connections for the good of the community and long term growth.


Foodbank Victoria
At Valley Park Farm we are proud to partner with Foodbank Australia to help Australians who are food challenged. In 2014, with your help Valley Park Farm is on track to donate over 300,000 eggs to Foodbank.

“As a producer of wholesome, nutritious food, I hate to hear about anyone going hungry, especially in our own community. Learning about the great work Foodbank does and the opportunity available to our industry to make a difference inspired me to get involved. I encourage others to do the same.”

Morry Wroby – Valley Park Farm Chief Executive Officer


Plans for the future

2014 will see Valley Park Farm continue its commitment to free range farming with the addition of a farm in Gippsland. This will allow us to supply Victorian families with even more free range eggs.
Our Gippsland hens will be taking dust baths and roaming around in the region’s beautiful natural setting. Strong southerlies roll off Bass Strait, just 20 kilometres away, ruffling the birds’ feathers and giving them a clean fresh breeze.
Across regional Victoria, our free range eggs are laid in a range of diverse environments. But there is one constant, and that’s our commitment to hen welfare and quality free range farming.


Valley Park Farm is a locally owned Australian Free Range Egg Producer. Our first farm was established in the heart of one of Australia’s most productive farming lands, the Goulburn Valley.
Phone: 1800 602 773

100% Australian Owned & Laid