Life of a
Valley Park Farm Hen

Hen welfare is the top priority at Valley Park Farm.

Every morning our hens are given access to leave the barn and are free to range the local countryside until dark, when our hens return to the comfort and safety of their barn for the night. Weather permitting, each hen is allowed up to eight hours a day out in the fresh air, to roam around and explore at will. We maintain secure outdoor open space where our hens can roam free, out in the pastures pecking and scratching around just as nature intended.

If temperatures are a little too hot or cool, our hens can venture back into the barn to take shelter. They’re free to come and go as they please.

Inside our barns the hens are safe and sound at night time, protected from predators and harsh overnight temperatures. Our barns are secure and stay well ventilated and cosy through the use of state of the art equipment. Our hens depend on it.


Free to Roam and Scratch Around – Free Range by Nature

We know our hens are our livelihood, and we look after them in a caring way. You could say that every decision we make in the farming process, from hiring staff, to setting up our sheds, through to sourcing top of the range equipment, is based on the welfare of our chooks first and foremost. Everything else follows on from that.

We don’t sell cage eggs for your plate, ever! Unlike some other egg producers free range for us isn’t just “a bit on the side”, it’s everything. That’s why “Free Range by Nature®” is not just a slogan, it’s in our DNA.


Each hen is allowed up to eight hours to roam free



What We Feed Our Hens

The quality of the eggs on your table largely depends on the diet, as well as the lifestyle, of the hens that laid them.

Our feed is formulated by skilled livestock nutritionists working in conjunction with FeedSafe Accredited suppliers. Ingredients include a variety of Australian grown cereal grains blended with protein meals and vitamins and minerals to ensure that the hen nutrition is optimised for the health and welfare of the bird and the production of quality eggs.


Valley Park Farm is a locally owned Australian Free Range Egg Producer. Our first farm was established in the heart of one of Australia’s most productive farming lands, the Goulburn Valley.
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100% Australian Owned & Laid