Our family owned farms make a great home for Australian Hens


All Valley Park Farm brand eggs produced for your plate come from Free Range farms. We don’t do cage egg production; no Egg-ceptions about it! Each year we produce lots of free range eggs for your delicious omelets, cakes, scrambled egg brekkies and Aussie pizzas… Cluck Cluck!

The Daily Operation of Our Family Owned Farms



All of our barns have state of the art technology at work to ensure comfortable conditions for our hens. Weather permitting, each morning the barn doors are opened, allowing the hens to go outside in the fresh air.


The doors are open for around eight hours each day, providing the hens with the freedom to come and go as they please. If the weather is uncomfortable our hens can venture back into the barn to take shelter as they please.


We strive to maintain a comfortable environment in the barns, especially in extreme conditions when the hens choose to stay inside.




Valley Park Farm is a locally owned Australian Free Range Egg Producer. Our first farm was established in the heart of one of Australia’s most productive farming lands, the Goulburn Valley.
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100% Australian Owned & Laid