Egg Facts
Free to range hens are not only healthier and happier than cage hens, but they also produce high quality eggs. Did you know eggs are:
All Free Range –
No Egg-ceptions!

Every single egg laid for your plate is from hens that are free to range, and we’re proud to say that we do not operate any cage facilities. You can rest assured knowing that when you choose Valley Park Farm eggs, you’re purchasing eggs that are Free Range By Nature®.

As a result, you can count on Valley Park Farm eggs to be nutritious, tasty, and fresh. They’re laid on our family owned farms and brought to your local Coles Supermarket with the same care we show our hens!

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Free Range First

By giving your family farm-fresh Valley Park Farm eggs you’re ensuring they get all the great benefits associated with free range farming, while at the same time supporting the best practice treatment of egg laying hens.


To ensure we continue top notch free range farming, we have developed and implemented Standard Operating Procedures that we use throughout our family owned farms. These procedures and forms cover different areas of free range egg farming including:


  • Hen farming
  • Egg collection
  • Egg grading
  • Egg and hen transport
  • Hygiene practices


All of these stringent guidelines and practices translate to you being able to count on Valley Park Farm to supply you with high quality farmed eggs.


Valley Park Farm takes part in annual third party audits to ensure we meet the requirements for being a free range egg producer.

We’re pleased to say that we pass these audits with flying colours, in most cases going over and above the requirements and proud to call ourselves a Victorian Free Range Egg Producer. 


Valley Park Farm is a locally owned Australian Free Range Egg Producer. Our first farm was established in the heart of one of Australia’s most productive farming lands, the Goulburn Valley.
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100% Australian Owned & Laid